You might like to read this article written about one of our cottages and we are “purring” with delight over being named one of the top six “Most Romantic Inns of the South” by Romantic Destinations Magazine.
By Ruth Mitchell – Romantic Destinations Magazine (Published by Southern Bride)
Get wild! As in Oscar Wilde by staying at A Secret Cottage (Oscar Wilde’s)  at Cliff Cottage Inn in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Let your fantasies run rampant in this secluded little cottage that is decorated with a tasteful wild animal theme. Each suite at this romantic inn is named after a turn-of-the century writer. Oscar Wilde was a flamboyant Irish-born writer who is known for his succinct witticisms, and works like “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” and “The Importance of Being Earnest” The wild theme is a take off on this prominent writer’s name. 
Your “wild” adventure begins at the doorstep where a pair of wild animal slippers greet the two of you peering over the side of a basket. You walk into the intimate cottage and there waiting in the bedroom is another wild adventure. Piled high with pillows is a fantasy bed adorned with a sumptuous satin-lined faux mink throw and two friendly tigers at the foot of the bed. 
Get crazy with your partner and suit up in a pair of comfy robes waiting in your closet. You’re getting into it now. Then after dark, sneak out the tiny side door to your private hot tub in the woods. You’ll purr with delight. If you’re hungry after your wild antics, then get dressed and find one of the many different restaurants within walking distance. From fine cuisine to inventive southwestern, to rich and steamy pasta dishes, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this picturesque town. 
To make your wild adventure complete, take a short ride out to Turpentine Creek to see real lions, tigers and bears. Located on 450 acres in the Ozark Mountains 7 miles south of Eureka Springs, on Scenic Highway 23, Turpentine Creek is dedicated to the care of over 150 endangered exotic animals of which over 100 are large cats. 
While you are in town, enjoy the sights and distinctive shops and art galleries. There are over 129 local artists showcased in galleries around town. Explore on foot with one of the several easy walking tours available and discover the history and architecture of this turn-of-the-century town. Or take the short drive out Highway 62 to visit Blue Spring Heritage Center.  Located on 33 acres,  Blue Spring is a large flowing spring that is important to the early history of the region and was one of the Cherokee “Trail of Tears” encampments. Nearby is the famed Thorncrown Chapel that is  known for the many weddings that take place there.
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