The Only B&B Accommodations in the Heart of Eureka Springs

We invite you to stay at Cliff Cottage Inn – Luxury B&B Suites and Historic Cottages.  Our bed and breakfast inn perched on the rock bluffs overlooking Historic Downtown Eureka Springs is the perfect place to “land” during your vacation in Arkansas.


Our email address is

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Occasionally we are not able to check our email as often as we’d like. In the event that you do not get a reply from us within 24 hours, please call us at (479) 253-7409. Even when we leave the inn to go buy toothpicks, we take the cellphone with us.

Cliff Cottage Inn – Luxury B&B Suites and Historic Cottages
42 Armstrong St.
Eureka Springs, AR 72632
Phone: (479) 253-7409

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 38.997934 Longitude: -105.550567


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Mapquest, Garmins and all other GPS devices will get you to the City of Eureka Springs, but they have Cliff Cottage Inn located in the totally wrong place and will get you hopelessly lost. In addition to this, there are three streets with our same name and ours has no street sign. You will inevitably see a street sign with “Armstrong” on it going up a steep one-way as you come down the steep hill (Hwy 23/Main St.) from Hwy 62 and it is the wrong Armstrong Street.From Highway 62, across from Community First Bank on the highway, you turn onto Hwy 23/S.Main Street and come down a long hill that leads to Eureka Springs’ Historic and Business District. If coming from Rogers, AR it would be a left turn onto Hwy 23/S. Main St.; if coming from Harrison or Berryville, it would be a right turn onto Hwy 23/S. Main St. There is a landscaped island with waterless fountain. Come all the way down the steep hill and watch for the following signs on the right (don’t go up the steep road to the right part way down the hill as it is the wrong Armstrong St.):  Cobbler’s Cottage, Tiffany’s Place, Sleep Hollow (set back from the road), then Office Supply (a small one-story stone building). Take a right into the large parking lot next to Office Supply and across from Café Luigi Restaurant. On the right is also a yellow highway sign with black wiggly arrow and 15MPH. There is a 2-story brown building on your right facing into the parking lot with motorcycles and the sign, Pied Piper Pub and Cathouse Lounge. Once in the parking lot, go to the far left end where you will see a “No Trucks” sign, a 10MPH sign followed by a Speed Bumps sign which is the beginning of our little street. (Our street is part of that parking lot but there is no sign for it. Our street is above and behind the brick bank.)Once you’ve entered our street past the two signs, you will see on the right a dusty orange 2-story house with balcony, next a light green cottage, and then the third house on right is our main inn where you pick up your key. It is lavender with purple trim and there is a huge sign in the front yard, CLIFF COTTAGE INN. On the porch is a sign, “The Place Next Door.” This is where our office is located and our two suites (Colette’s and Thoreau’s) are upstairs in this house. Our next house is blue/teal and called Cliff Cottage and is where the two suites Sarah Bernhardt and Tennyson are located. Our third house is white with blue shutters and has a sign on the porch, The Artist’s Cottage and is where the two suites Robt. Louis Stevenson and Emily Dickinson are located. Zelda’s Studio is the 2-story white building behind The Artist’s Cottage.  Oscar Wilde’s Cottage is farther along our street to the far end and down the steep hill and directions will be provided to that one when you stop at the office to pick up that key.PARKINGAll our parking spaces are pre-assigned to our guests when we send out the official confirmation and there is one space for each accommodation.CLIFF COTTAGE INN – DRIVING DIRECTIONS

Cliff Cottage Inn – Luxury B&B Suites and Historic Cottages is the only Bed & Breakfast in Historic Downtown Eureka Springs. When you enter town, you will be looking for the above house on the hillside behind the Trolley Depot – the office is in the lavender house to right of blue house. The Inn can be easily visible once you arrive downtown — we are on a hillside with our street running up above and behind the old stone Courthouse, the trolley station and the brick bank. Guests will see our lavender 2-story house and our blue/teal Cliff Cottage next to it.

Our street runs parallel to Main Street/Hwy. 23 and is accessed via the parking lot opposite Café Luigi — the Pied Piper Pub and Cathouse Lounge face into this same parking lot. Once in the parking lot, look for a sign at the far end, NO TRUCKS, then 10MPH and then SPEED BUMP immediately above/behind the brick bank. That is the beginning of our little street. See “Finding The Inn” directions.

The inn’s elves ask guests to PLEASE print out and bring with them the FINDING THE INN directions and the pre-assigned parking space info the inn will send with the confirmation so that they won’t have problems finding the inn or their pre-assigned off-street parking space.

If guests don’t bring these directions and parking space info with them, chances are about 99% that they won’t find the inn — there are three streets with the same name as ours (and our section of that street doesn’t have a street sign because it begins in a parking lot!), all the direction programs like MapQuest or Garmin-type devices put us in the totally wrong place usually way off in the woods, and one week a street is one-way going up, the next week one-way going down… all cause for great confusion!

If we have to step out on an errand and arriving guests phone us, often cellphones don’t work in certain areas of downtown or in stores and we won’t even know guests are lost. We want our guests to arrive happy and joyful ready to have fun, not flustered and frustrated after driving around lost in Paradise for hours!


Please note that MapQuest does NOT show our correct position on Armstrong – it shows us on the upper portion of Armstrong whereas we are on the lower portion downtown. Similar problem with Yahoo and any vehicle GPS programs.


Click here for the URL showing various routes to Eureka.

We are 2 hours from Springfield MO, 3.5 hours from Little Rock, 3 hours from Tulsa, 4.5 hours from KC, 5 hours from OKC, and 5 hours from St. Louis.