Eureka Springs’ 21st Annual VW Weekend, August 23-25,2013

The weekend of August 23-25, 2013, will see rampaging hordes of VW’s descend on Eureka Springs. This will be the 21st annual “running of the VWs.” I get a kick out of this annual event, with its shows and parade because I have owned several of the endearing little vehicles. ‘Way back in the day I began my graduate school career with a nifty green Volkswagen that had two true luxury features: a cloth sunroof and a gas gauge (instead of the little spare gas tank with the foot lever of earlier models). I also opted for an AM radio so that I could wile away the long drives from St. Louis to Stanford. Some years later I bought a used VW camper in bright red. I logged many a mile in that rig, taking it as far east as Maine and as far west as the Grand Canyon and many happy miles in between. With its rear engine weight bias and good tires that camper would go through just about any road or weather conditions. So VW weekend here in Eureka Springs has a special charm for me.
Since Cliff Cottage Inn is located just 17 steps from Main Street, our guests can watch all of the VW activities, including the parade, from the comfort of their private porches or balconies, all the while enjoying their complimentary white wine or Champagne. Come join us for a fun-filled weekend!

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