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Top 10 Motorcycle Rides in North America

Eureka Springs has become the hub of many amazing motorcycle rides and the #2 ride out of 10 named by Discovery Channel starts in Ozark, just 80 fabulous riding miles down from Eureka Springs.  Head south out of Eureka Springs on Hwy 23 for about two hours of incredible scenery and turns to Ozark, AR (between Little Rock and Ft. Smith) where the Pig Trail begins.

 Some other neat rides from Eureka Springs are: head west on Hwy 12 to Rogers via War Eagle Mill; head west on Hwy 62 to Bentonville and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art; head north towards Roaring River Canyon and Branson, and southeast to Buffalo River National Park. 

All bike riders know the feeling of flying … of freedom … that a great ride brings. Imagine those feelings intensified by the sheer beauty or fascinating landscape of nature’s best wonders.

To help you imagine (and maybe even go), we’ve chosen the best places in North America to take your motorcycle for a spin.




2. Arkansas Pig Trail, Arkansas

The town of Ozark lies between Little Rock and Fort Smith, and that’s where you’ll want to pick up this trail, so aptly named in the state that made Razorbacks famous. The rugged and forested Boston Mountains region of the Ozark Mountains is the setting for this route, which often runs through a tunnel of foliage during spring, summer and fall. 

Spring wildflowers and brilliant autumn colors make the route especially popular during those seasons. The route crosses the Mulberry River and the 165-mile Ozark Highlands Trail. And you’ll encounter various hairpin turns, straightaways, and drop-offs where the cliffs seem to be right next to you.  Stop by the general store halfway through the run to get a pin proclaiming that you have ridden “The Arkansas Dragon.”


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