WGTT’s Best Places for Fall Color

Cliff Cottage Inn was mentioned prominently recently in Wicked Good Travel Tips (http://www.BnBFinder.com/pdf/WGTTFallFoliage_8-27-12_pdf).  Along with several other destinations coast to coast, Cliff Cottage Inn was cited as a perfect place from which to observe and enjoy the glories of Fall’s changing technicolor extravaganza. Centrally located in the heart of historic downtown Eureka Springs, Cliff Cottage Inn offers Fall travelers a stunning panorama of native hardwood trees wearing their gorgeous autumn raiment. From porch or deck, the view is breathtaking. Enjoy your morning coffee and your delivered gourmet breakfast as you take in the visual feast in every direction.Or savor a glass of wine from your complimentary bottle at the end of a day of sightseeing and photography.

Cliff Cottage Inn is so close to everything grand about the Ozarks, yet a world apart in terms of refinement and guest comfort. Please come stay with us during this wonderful season of the year.

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