Wal-Mart and Art? Yeah, really

Thanks to the vision and dedication of Alice Walton and a host of commtited sponsors, Northwest Arkasnsas now possesess THE great museum on American Art. Romantically named Crystal Bridges, this architectural gem set in a beautiful site near Bentonville houses a truly world-class collection of American art, from early New England primitives to the best contemporary art, with an impressive sculpture collection on display everywhere the eye travels. Crystal bridges is only a little over a scenic hour’s drive from Cliff Copttage Inn, and art loving guests have been flying in from as far away as California to stay with us and journey over to “meet” James Whistler, Andy Warhol, Norman Rockwell, Charles Wilson Peale, Claes Oldenburg and so many other shapers of American art.
For a fun side excursion after you visit Crystal Bridges, pop in to the charming Bentonville town square to view a humble store, birthplace of the mighty Wal-Mart empire. The original Walton’s 5 & Dime store serves as a visitor center and museum of the company’s history. The front rooms appear as they did in Sam Walton’s time, a general store dedicated to low prices. The rear rooms serve as a Wal-Mart museum, with exhibits of Sam’s life, including the hula skirt he once wore parading down Wall Street on a particularly memorable day in company history (you’ll just have to go and see why he wore it!).
After Wal-Mart and art?? Coming soon, Wal-Mart and Data…

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