Coolest Small Town

Budget Travel magazine has just compiled its 6th annual list of “The Coolest Small Towns in America”, and Eureka Springs is rated at the enviable  Number 4 position.  The rankings were published in the September issue of Budget Travel, and pointed out some of the many attractions that our charming town has to offer. We were thrilled, of course,  that a town that means so much to us was also recognized at a national level for its history and its present day charm.

Fall has definitely reached Eurkea Springs. The Ozark mountains in which we are nestled have come alive with Autumn colors. The leaves continue to change to the lovely reds, golds, and yellows that make a visit here so worthwhile this time of the year. We are also starting to spot eagles fishing the local rivers and lakes, diving at Beaver Lake and the White and Kings Rivers for their fish dinners!

This is a good time to visit Eureka Springs and stay with us here at Cliff Cottage Inn. Our inn is tucked against  limestone bluffs and surrounded by a vast variety of trees in full Fall color. From your front porch you can watch the lively downtown scene or stare raptly “across the holler'”at a magnificent picture of Autumn in brilliant Techniclor.  And, of course, your complimentary bottle of white wine or Champagne will be chilled and awaiting your arrival in your suite, while in the morning you will feast on one of our gourmet, award-winning breakfasts, delivered right to your door on a silver tray. The Fall here is truly spectacular, the air is cool and fresh, and it is one of the best times to visit Eureka Springs and Cliff Cottage Inn.

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