Spring is Busting Out All Over

Hooray, Horray, It's May!

Mother’s Day weekend in Eureka Springs was very special, indeed. We had beautiful warm and sunny weather with delightful breezes to keep everyone comfortable for a fun-filled weekend of festive activities. The African drumming sessions in Basin Spring Park lived up to expectations. Many experienced (and not so experienced!) drummers turned up and beat their way through a wide varitey of ritual and folk drum offerings. It was amazing that people who had not played together before could achieve such  accomplished rhythmic effects. Shoppers and strollers wandered in and out of the drumming venue, returning over and over as the whole sound changed periodically.

 Sitting on the private front porches of their suites, our guests at Cliff Cottage Inn thoroughly enjoyed the other high point of Saturday afternoon – the ARTrageous parade. This wonderfully quirky Eurekan event features artistically (and outrageously) decorated cars, floats, marching bands, and locals in “got to be seen to be believed” costumes. Many sightseers lined the streets of the Historic Downtown, cheering on the local denizens (who needed little encouragement, being Eurekans, to act zanier than usual!). My favorite costume (photo above) was shown off by Wendy, a local artist who shows her work at the Nelson gallery here in town. 

Saturday evening, the town came alive with musical events fr0m traditional African dancing in the park to country and western, R&B, and the spring concert of the  Ozarks Chorale held in the charming auditorium right below our inn, on Main Street. We walked down the 17 steps to Main Street and down half a block to the Aud, as it is known in town, where we served as ushers/ticket takers for the Chorale concert. The program was very well done, and the 30 plus voices of the chorale were joined by the Berryville  High School concert chorus for some memorable ensemble work. Even our newly elected mayor got into the act, performing a baritone solo as part of a Civil War compilation of ballads arranged for mixed voices.  One really fun thing about Eureka Springs is that everyone you meet seems to have some artistic talent – waiters are voilinists, mayors are singers, delivery drivers are artists and gardeners are sculptors.

The weekend finished with a number of delightful Mother’s Day brunches scattered around town. On Sunday afternoon, the City Auditorium witnessed another very interesting performance, this time featuring John Two Hawks working his magic on the native flute. Sandra and I spent some wonderful time together on  Sunday afternoon tweaking our gardens. We pruned and groomed and then finished by planting new floribunda roses in our butterfly garden.  If the deer (and there are a LOT of them in our little village) don’t eat our lovely new rose bushes first, they will be in glorious full  bloom for your coming arrival at Cliff Cottage Inn.

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