Water, Water Everywhere…

Hi, this is Carl (Innkeeper Sandra’s new hubby, master gardener and Inn-greeter) blogging today. Eureka Springs is inundated! We’ve seen more rain in the past three days than Sandra and I saw in the Ho Rain Forest last year on our 18,000-mile RV honeymoon. But the town is coping well. A few people have had to evacuate due to high water, but by and large the damage has mostly been in the form of gravel washout and the creation of interesting new gullies and channels.So far, no catfish seen swimming down Main! (However, the evening is still young, so who knows what we might see later). At one point today our steps became a rather dramatic waterfall, but Niagra has receded and Cliff Cottage Inn is alive and well and ready to welcome you. We have even been  thinking of offering wooden boat building classes at the Inn. I have attended the annual Wooden Boat Show in Mystic, Connecticut over the past three years and believe that a Fatty Knees dinghy would look quite smart rowing down Main Street.   as far as the Inn goes, our only concern has been whether Rigolleto and Goldilocks would swim out of their goldfish pond and down the sidewalk as their home began to overflow!   In spite of the rain, the town was lively this past weekend, with some shops and galleries keeping longer-than-usual hours for the Easter weekend. We were disappointed that rain dampened the local easter egg hunt but umbrellas and bonnets got everyone through the weekend. We had planned on driving Sandra’s vintage Alfa Romeo Spyder Veloce convertible in the Eureka Springs Easter Parade but we weren’t sure if it would float! The big question now is when will Beaver Dam release its water so that we can all go out and dance on the dam as the torrent roars off downstream. This has become a much-loved annual  event and the local jungle drums keep everyone informed as the big day draws ever nearer.  Finally, the Easter Bunny was sighted yesterday wearing an odd assortment of clothing, including high waders, an old “Go Hogs” sweatshirt,  and small disposable Passion Play ponchos over each ear!

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