Five buildings make up Cliff Cottage Inn – Luxury B&B Suites and Historic Cottages. For your getaway to Eureka Springs, choose from luxury suites in CLIFF COTTAGE, THE PLACE NEXT DOOR and THE ARTIST’S COTTAGE, or the stand-alone  OSCAR WILDE’S COTTAGE or ZELDA’S STUDIO. All suites and the individual cottage and studio have:

  • Jacuzzis for 2 in suites; outdoor private hot tubs at the cottage and studio
  • Refrigerators with complimentary Champagne, white wine, or sparkling juice, sodas
  • Coffeemakers with imported teas, coffee, chai and hot chocolate
  • A full-gourmet breakfast delivered by the Inn’s “elf” to suites only
  • Individual stand-alone accommodations and some suites feature fireplaces

CLIFF COTTAGE SUITES (Sarah Bernhardt Suite and Alfred, Lord Tennyson Suite)

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Cliff Cottage was designed by Charles Locke Eastlake (1836-1906), one of the Victorian period’s most illustrious architects.  Eastlake was also a British art critic, Secretary of the Royal Institute of British Architects, and Secretary of the British Fine Arts Commission, and furniture designer. His 1868 book Hints on Household Taste in Furniture, Upholstery and Other Details promoted the idea of a return to simple country work with straight-line designs in oak and fruitwoods.  He was also an advocate of a single, cohesive style for the home. This book became a decorating “bible” in the U.S. when it was re-released here in 1872, and it became the basis of the arts-and-crafts movement in America. The land where Cliff Cottage stands was given to Eureka Springs’ first mayor, Archimedes Davis, on Dec. 30, 1884.  Sears and Roebuck commissioned Eastlake to design their first kit-home.  The new mayor’s house was built from an Eastlake plan that went on to become Sears’ first kit home and the cottage’s exterior is still all original.  Listed in the National as well as State of Arkansas Historic Registry, Cliff Cottage is also included in the State of Arkansas Historic Preservation Program. Behind the cottage lies an age-old cave, once explored by the adventurous, now converted by Innkeeper Sandra into a wine cellar with the perfect 52-degree environment for wine storage!

lavender and purple cottage porch with white wicker chairs

THE PLACE NEXT DOOR SUITES (Colette’s Mini-Suite and Thoreau’s Suite)

What most think is a restored historic home is actually the design of Innkeeper Sandra upon her arrival in Arkansas in 1992 after a 7-year Pacific sailing adventure!  This Victorian replica’s understated lines lets next-door’s Cliff Cottage shine.  The cathedral-ceilinged Great Room plays host to small weddings.  Outside, a serene koi pond sets a relaxing mood for arriving guests.

THE ARTIST’S COTTAGE (Robert Louis Stevenson Suite and Emily Dickinson Suite)
exterior view of white cottage nestled in wooded area with yellow and purple flowers
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Built in 1910, this is the latest addition to Cliff Cottage Inn’s restoration collective.  It was first inhabited by a stained-glass artist and glassblower named Jacob who used the barn behind the cottage as his studio.  When Sandra was building The Place Next Door, she discovered a neglected old door in the barn, covered with ivy.  Upon further inspection, she noticed that this handsome door was etched with two beautiful deer and the etching was signed by none other than the first resident!  Sandra felt the door was too precious to be left uncared for and felt it would find a perfect “home” at The Place Next Door.  She worked with the then-owners, Good Shepherd Humane Society, to purchase and preserve the door by making a generous donation to the Society.  (Ironically, the Humane Society came by the cottage and barn by purchasing the property for the unbelievable sum of $10 in 1989 from Don Teeters, himself a glassblower and glass artist!)  When the Humane Society decided to move to a larger building in 2003, Sandra purchased the house and barn as she heard it was going to be sold for a motorcycle repair shop!  The Arts and Craftsman cottage became The Artist’s Cottage which now features two elegant suites, one with a full porch that overlooks downtown and the other with a solarium.  The artist’s studio barn became Zelda’s Studio, known for its whimsical two-person shower and original stone walls which give a secret-hideaway ambiance.


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Suites, cottage and studio accommodate 2 adults only. The two suites in historic Cliff Cottage are ideal for two couples traveling together or gals coming for a shopping/spa getaway as the suites’ two living rooms have connecting doors between them, and the guests then have the entire cottage to themselves.exterior of turquois colored cottage with stone stepsKing beds are featured in all suites in Cliff Cottage, The Artist’s Cottage, and in Zelda’s Studio.  Oscar Wilde’s Cottage and the suites in The Place Next Door have queen beds.Non-Smoking comfort can be found in The Artist’s Cottage suites,  Oscar Wilde’s Cottage and Zelda’s: smoking is not permitted at all on these properties, indoors or outside anywhere.  Smoking is not permitted INSIDE in Cliff Cottage and The Place Next Door; however guests may discreetly smoke on balconies or decks of those two properties.  Cigars or pipes are not allowed at any of the Inn properties.

Cliff Cottage Inn – Luxury B&B Suites and Historic Cottages is the perfect place to stay in Eureka Springs during any season.  The Inn is especially lovely in Autumn when the surrounding hardwood trees paint the scenery and seasonal plantings highlight the gardens.  Winter paints a pristine picture when an occasional light dusting of snow blankets the area.  Springtime brings redbuds and dogwoods whose gorgeous blooms create a magical lacy pink-and-white canopy around the Inn.  The in-town location makes Cliff Cottage Inn the perfect place to stay when it snows as it is just a short walk to all the shops and eateries.


night shot of inn glowing with christmas lightsHere’s what an Arkansas newspaper outdoors editor had to say about Eureka Springs in Winter: “While the area is beautiful year-round, Cliff Cottage is especially stunning during the winter months. The trees’ loss of leaves makes viewing natural rock formations and wildlife even easier. Bald eagles can be observed in their winter habitat on nearby Kings River and just 20 minutes out of town at Lake Leatherwood. As many as 30 birds have been spotted at one time. Elk can be seen grazing all winter long just a short drive away in Boxley Valley on the Buffalo River. Hiking trails of varying lengths and difficulty criss-cross the area, providing visitors with the best possible venue for viewing and photographing the region’s beautiful waterfalls and bluffs.”

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A number of fairs and festivals come to town during the Spring, Summer and Fall, providing additional options for entertainment, food, and shopping.

Come to Cliff Cottage Inn – Luxury B&B Suites and Historic Cottages for your small Elopement Wedding, a service the inn provides for overnight guests only, for the couple and a maximum of four guests.  Vow Renewals, Commitment Ceremonies, and other intimate gatherings are welcome!  The Inn’s Great Room, our gardens, and a secluded deck against the rock bluff are our most popular locations for these special times in your lives.


From Tulsa, OK: 3 hours    St. Louis, MO: 5 hours
Oklahoma City: 4½ – 5 hours    Memphis, TN: 5½ hours
Springfield, MO: 2 hours       Dallas, TX: 6½ hours
Kansas City, MO: 4 hours     Branson, MO: 1 hour
Joplin, MO: 2 hours   Passion Play: 6 minutes

THE CAVES AT CLIFF COTTAGE INNinnkeepers standing in stone doorway with little dog

Sandra purchased the Cliff Cottage property in 1992, and while building The Place Next Door, she discovered her first cave behind Cliff Cottage carved deeply into the three-story rock bluff. Realizing that the cave maintained a 52-degree temperature throughout the year, the optimal temperature for wine, she immediately decided to convert it into a wine cave.  While cleaning out the debris inside, “… I discovered where hippies living on the property in the past had been growing you-know-what in the cave! No wonder the sheriff’s helicopter went over the inn every Thursday right after his lunch years ago when I was building that house with the helicopter door open and some sort of device aimed in the direction of my cave….until he realized hippies no longer lived there and he stopped his weekly fly-bys.  I was disappointed as I then had to buy a watch – I had been counting on his 1pm “visits” for so long, that I hadn’t had need of a watch!”  Considering that Cliff Cottage was once the residence of Eureka Springs’ first Mayor, who knows what other secrets of the past these age-old bluffs might hold!

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When Innkeeper Sandra purchased the old Humane Society thrift store property next door to Cliff Cottage in 2003, she discovered a cave behind some storage sheds on the property.  Much to her surprise, this cave became a gushing waterfall that flooded the yard after the next big rain: she found out she had “inherited” a spring!

While cleaning up the mess after the first flood, she discovered that a channel had been built into the rock bluff under the spring that had been blocked by decades of debris.  Once cleared, this channel guided the water away from the yard.  Of course, this created yet another dilemma, as the water was now being siphoned to a two-story building that she wanted to restore for a lodging accommodation.  Underneath this building, the limestone was unyielding.  The only solution was to let the channel run under part of the building to be drained into the new sewer line.  This part of the building happened to be the future location for the studio’s bathroom, so she toyed with the idea of a glass-floor so guests could see the water and maybe even some fish floating by, but her carpenter talked her out of it.

Sandra recruited help with the cave’s clean-out from a friend who happened to be a retired psychiatrist and master gardener in her ’70s!  After removing about 18 inches of dirt, the two discovered pipes between the cave and the house (now The Artist’s Cottage), and other then-unrecognizable contraptions in the cave.  Figuring a plumber would know about the pipes, she inquired… and found out that the cave, with gas lines leading to it from the house, had hosted a still in its colorful past!

Visit our Innkeeper Blog to learn even more about the Cliff Cottage Inn – Luxury B&B Suites and Historic Cottages.


Sandra CH Smith, retired journalist/current author and actor, arrived in Eureka Springs in 1992 after spending seven years sailing alone from San Francisco to 1837 miles off the Galapagos and near Easter Island in her Ericson 35 sailboat. She added to her life-long collection of European treasures, bringing back not only art treasures and artifacts from Mexico and Central America which adorn the inn, but also a sense of serene timelessness which sets the mood for guests at Cliff Cottage Inn.

innkeeper wearing white dress lounging among red and brown pillows with dog at feet

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No newcomer to Bed & Breakfasts, Sandra stayed in many during years of travel abroad and opened Philadelphia’s very first B&B in 1978 when she was a starving poet reciting her verses to jazz on a weekly radio show, appearing with the Philadelphia Opera and other theater companies, and existing on a steady diet of raisins and peanuts!

An accomplished chef, Sandra learned to cook on an 18th-Century wood-burning stove in the south of France after receiving degrees from the University of Grenoble and of Aix-en-Provence. Her cuisine also reflects the tastes of Scotland where she studied as a child, and manages to include a hint of the tropical flavors she learned to love while living in Jamaica and traveling around the Caribbean. She has been a guest chef on a CBS-TV cooking show and her cookbook-memoir, “A Cook’s Tour of Epicuria – One Woman’s Adventures” has become a very popular souvenir for guests to take home as a memento of their visit. (Her book is available by mail-order…just call the inn, 479-253-7409.)

Sandra began her love affair with the Ozarks and specifically, Eureka Springs, from the moment she arrived….she had sold her boat in Puerto Vallarta and become a landlubber after a near fatal accident at sea off Guatemala. While trying to save her boat from sinking after a temporary crewmember fell asleep at the helm and broke the boom off, she got the “message” to “Go to Arkansas!”  While the young crewman lay huddled on the floor, paralyzed by fear, it took Sandra over 4 hours to right the boat and she has since learned from a guest who himself, was an ocean sailor, that this was something of a miracle. The designer of her Ericson 35, Bruce King, lost his boat and entire crew in a similar accident on the way back from a California-Mexico race.

innkeeper carrying tray with assortment of breakfast foods walking on gray stone pathWhile sitting in a cafe in Puerto Vallarta trying to figure out what to do with the rest of her life, Sandra met some fellows from Springfield, MO and told them she was going to Arkansas in a few days and was that anywhere near Missouri (she had no clue where Arkansas was located!) They said it was one state away and suggested she go to Eureka Springs….”there are people like you up there!” (She didn’t know if this was an insult or a compliment, but decided to make her way to Eureka Springs and she has been here ever since!)

Sandra’s favorite pastime (besides cooking) is sharing her enthusiasm for the surroundings with her guests. On cool summer evenings or brisk winter nights, she may be inspired to share her sea stories with guests. (While sailing alone, she created the “As the Anchor Drags Radio Show”, reading poetry and stories on the air to hundreds of Pacific boaters and landlubbers with VHF radios and managed to read on her radio program the entire book, Treasure Island, while hanging out in a hurricane hole in the Sea of Cortez.)

Sandra met Carl Rohne (from St. Louis), and they were married in 2010 at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. They took a 38,000-mile honeymoon in their RV traveling across Canada then up to the Arctic Ocean and down to the tip of the Baja. Carl loves his new role as elf-apprentice. His widely varied background from medievalist with a Ph.D. in European Medieval HIstory, to marketing to real estate makes him well-suited for his new career as inn greeter and chief elf.

Keeping an inn certainly isn’t what it once was. Sandra’s article “The Good Old Days of Bed and Breakfasting” at Guidebook America provides an anecdotal account of the early days of inn keeping and is well worth a read!front cover of cook book

Innkeeper Sandra’s 265-page cookbook-memoir, A COOK’S TOUR OF EPICURIA…ONE WOMAN’S ADVENTURES, with 16 full-page photographs from her various adventures, is filled with her original recipes and many anecdotal stories of her life-time of travel.  The perfect gift for that diva/divo in your life!  Order by mail order from cliffcottage@sbcglobal.net or call 479-253-7409 to order. $24.95+$4 s/h. (not available to the Inn’s competitors)


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BEST B&B BREAKFAST 2013 (mikesroadtrip.com):
“In addition to the wonderful accommodations is one of the coolest small towns (Eureka Springs, Arkansas) I visited this year, Cliff Cottage Inn offers its guests a breakfast you’ll not soon forget. Breakfast is brought to your suite each morning and served on your own private porch. The breakfast creations are a work of art, from lemon-orange soufflé, pork medallion with nature grazed chutney, French fennel potatoes and a Eureka Springs bug cake (pastry).  Oh, and it’s served on a formal silver platter with fresh OJ and sparkling wine…makes ya feel a bit like an aristocrat.”

Cliff Cottage Inn headed 417 Magazine’s recent  “Romantic Getaway” List.

Cliff Cottage is listed in Romantic Destinations Magazine (published by Southern Bride) as one of six “Most Romantic Inns of the South” along with other prestigious inns in South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky. Click here and read what they said about Cliff Cottage Inn’s  Oscar Wilde’s Cottage!

CHEF OF THE MONTH: CBS-affiliate KFSM TV 5 recently featured Sandra as a “Chef of the Month,” allowing her to demonstrate one of her delicious breakfast recipes featured in her cookbook A Cook’s Tour of Epicuria — One Woman’s Adventures, which features recipes for the most ardent of culinary experts, stories of her travels, and photos from her adventures.  Her book is available for purchase at the Inn or by mail order from the inn, 479-253-7409 or from Amazon.Com.

From BNBFINDER.COM, Cliff Cottage Inn has been named two years in a row as “Guests Most Favorite Inn”.

From TRIPADVISOR, Cliff Cottage Inn was named “#1 Most Popular B&B in Eureka Springs” and the Inn has received TripAdvisor’s “Award of Excellence” three years in a row and is the first lodging establishment in Eureka Springs to receive its “GreenLeader” designation. There are over 270 and climbing five-star reviews of the Inn on TripAdvisor

From Eureka Springs Preservation Society, the Inn received a Best Preservation of the Year Award and from the Eureka Springs Garden Society, its “Gardens of the Year” Award.  The Inn was also featured on the Eureka Springs Historical Society’s annual Tour of Victorian Homes.

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette featured Cliff Cottage Inn in a travel article saying, “Cliff Cottage Inn gives couples a chance to reconnect with each other…from fueling the fiery romance of the newly married to reviving the romance in enduring relationships.”

Southern Living Magazine, in an article on Eureka Springs, said, “Cliff Cottage Inn’s breakfasts are not to be missed!”